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Feel Fab this Fall: Ready for the Holidays!

Here's What to Expect in this 5-Week Fitness Challenge...

Through customized fitness training, special movement clinics, & nutrition coaching, we'll help you GET MORE FIT while shedding inches!

Ready to increase your energy, stamina & strength? Each week improves your overall fitness level vs targeting weight-loss alone (that's an awesome by-product)!

Participate in FUN, effective workouts - outside, in-studio, and virtually - with ladies on a similar journey. Lift, run/walk & push your limits in a supportive environment.

Take Control of Your Fitness.

eel Stronger than EVER.

Summer's over and school's back in session... Here's your chance to regain your routine!

Time to focus on YOU this Fall - so you feel AWESOME heading into the holiday season.

Join the MissFits Fall Overhaul! Better yet, do it with a friend!

The Most Improved Individual and Team-of-Two will earn a 30-Day ALL ACCESS Membership (In-Person Group, Virtual Group, and Personal Training)! And this is just for doing your best! 💪

There are lots of things you can't change about what's going on in the world around you.

But taking control of your health, pushing yourself to new limits, and working hard to get the BEST RESULTS?

All of that can only be done BY YOU.

It's time to take action. Join the 2023 Fall Overhaul Today!

You could be talking like these ladies at the end of this Challenge...

One afternoon before I started this Challenge, my son told me that I was “a little bit chubby.” He didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, but OUCH. Was that how he saw me? I have run half marathons. I love to ride my bike, play volleyball, and do tons of other activities. So how did I get to the point of being “chubby?”

Even though I enjoy exercising, sticking to a routine was really tough for me. I was full of excuses – too tired, not enough time, working late. I have learned that I need to have a strategy to make long-term lifestyle changes and that I need to create a network of support and plan for my own success (and happiness).  

After just the first week, I started seeing results and could start to see myself reaching my goals. With each subsequent week, my pants felt looser and inches disappeared! This Challenge has motivated me to keep going so that I can reach my healthy weight goal. I would also like to achieve a personal record at my next half marathon and to compete in more bike races. And I definitely plan to NOT be a “chubby” mom any longer! 

Entering into this Challenge meant a lot to me. Not only did I want to lose the extra weight, but I also wanted to prove to myself that I was able to accomplish a goal. Before I started, I was ashamed of my weight to the point where I got rid of my scale because I refused to weight myself. Now, I'm wearing clothes that didn’t fit me anymore, and I feel great!  

I am so happy I entered this program, I definitely feel so much better today than I did four weeks ago. I feel more energetic, more positive, I feel very proud of myself because I know I did it! And I certainly feel lighter! I can look myself in the mirror and go WOW!

And... I lost 15 pounds! My life has changed completely; I learned how live a healthy lifestyle, I learned how to master my mind and how to set goals and stick to them, I learned that dreams do come true. Special thanks to Priscilla for encouraging me, for pushing me hard and for believing in me! I am glad I am part of Camp MissFits! 

The classes and camaraderie I felt with this Challenge were exactly what I needed. I wanted to do classes, but little did I realize that I signed up for so much more.

I read Priscilla’s book, attended workshops and HIIT workouts, completed a nutrition detox, and I gained. No, not weight, I’m actually down 6 pounds (more than 20 since January). I gained knowledge. I learned that by making small changes and creating positive habits I could make my “diet” a lifestyle. I gained perspective. Through my new lifestyle I will not focus on how much weight I lose but how much better I feel and how many more things I can do. I gained accountability. I won’t make excuses for making poor choices. I will get back on track, hit the gym, journal, and eat better for the next meal. Finally, I gained confidence. I am stronger physically and mentally. I know that if I continue to develop my positive mindset I can accomplish any goal.

Since starting this Challenge, I am a much happier person. Prior to the Challenge, I would go strong with diet and exercise for about two months...but at the two-month point I would find excuses, get discouraged and stop adjusting my life to be healthier. This challenge got me over that hump. Without the support of coaches plus the ladies participating in the Challenge, I don't think I would've been successful. 

The biggest change in my life since starting the Challenge is how it has made me a healthier person overall. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease - which causes scarring of my liver. For the last 10 years I have always had elevated liver enzymes, which indicates the disease is still present. Upon completion of this Challenge, I thought it would be fitting to have my blood work rechecked. Now, for the first time in 10 YEARS, I have normal liver enzymes!!! 

This Challenge was difficult at times. However, if you're dedicated to improving your health as whole, doing a challenge is definitely worth it! The only way to get where you want to be is to work hard and push through the tough times. 

Here's what you get with the "Fall Overhaul" Fitness Challenge


Personalized Fitness Training

You're not just a number at Camp MissFits. We'll assess you and coach you according to your fitness level, goals, and needs.


Train Individually or with a Partner for a Prize

Women thrive in community and camaraderie! You can participate individually or partner with a friend! The solo participant or team that improves the most wins 30 DAYS OF ALL-ACCESS, UNLIMITED FITNESS TRAINING! (Includes Personal, Virtual, and Group - $800 Value)!


Skill-Specific Clinics

Improve your strength, stamina, and muscle tone through weekly clinics designed with one goal in mind: To help you look & feel YOUR BEST.


Peak Performance Nutrition Plan & Coaching

Achieve RESULTS - not just now, but long-term! We'll show you how.


Personal Accountability Coach & Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Get weekly accountability with check-ins from Your Personal Coach dedicated to your success. Plus, get support & learn from other like-minded ladies in weekly group coaching sessions!

Options for any fitness level

Whether you’re a frequent exerciser or haven’t broken a sweat in years, there’s an option for you!

Group Training

Group Training is great for you if you'd love getting fit in a high-energy environment. You'll sweat, improve your stamina, & get stronger - all while trimming down. Movements are low-impact and joint-friendly.

  • Unlimited Group Training Sessions - In-Studio, Virtual, or Both!
  • Daily Workout Replays - Never Miss a Session!
  • Personal Accountability Coach Dedicated to Your Success
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with your Accountability Coach
  • Two Challenge Fitness Assessments
  • Weekly Specialty Clinics to Improve Your Strength & Stamina
  • Peak Performance Nutrition Plan & Workshop - Achieve Optimal Fitness AND Fat Loss!

Newbie/Alum $197

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Member $107

Personal Training

Personal Training is perfect for you if you'd like a customized plan & more individual attention in a semi-private setting. We'll focus on areas you want to improve most - strength, balance, weight loss, stamina, injury-recovery & more!

  • Unlimited In-Person Personal Training Sessions - In-Studio, Virtual, or Both!
  • Individually-Written Training Program Tailored Just for You
  • Private "Fine-Tune Your Form" Clinic to Refine Exercises Designed to Get You Results
  • Private 1-on-1 Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Session
  • Personal Accountability Coach Dedicated to Your Success
  • Two Challenge Fitness Assessments
  • Weekly Specialty Clinics to Improve Your Strength & Stamina
  • Peak Performance Nutrition Plan & Workshop - Achieve Optimal Fitness AND Fat Loss!

Newbie/Alum $397

Member $327

Wouldn't YOU Love to Feel AMAZING Heading into the Holidays?

We'll get you there!

Let our A-Team of Badass Coaches help you make your journey what YOU want it to be. You deserve to be the best version of yourself possible. 

We've helped thousands of women transform their lives and health. You can count on us to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Join us and we promise you that it'll be the best decision you ever made for yourself. 😊

We're ready to coach you!
~Steph, Jen, Priscilla & Rachel

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